Htraeus Reborn


Htraeus Falls

In a distant galaxy lies a strange world that at first appears much like our very own. It’s history, however, tells of a world of great tragedy, incredible hope, and magic. It is a world of elves and dwarves, humans and orcs, and a great many folk of beastial form. It’s a world of towering mountains, enchanted forests, jungles, swamps, underground civilizations, and mystery.
 In this land, legends and myths make up the past, and the foundation of the world holds many forms. Some say a mighty God created all things. Some say that life appeared out of a void. Some worship great beings that control all aspects of existence, while others say that such beings are under the command of a higher power. But what happens when myth and fact meld before your very eyes?
In the year 843-K2, the mighty Witch Queen Lilith, ruler of the white elves, called out into a world greater than herself in search of a power that would help her unite the world… and power responded. Bane, the God of Power, showed himself to the world, thus proving that the gods do exist. Lilith, with the guidance of Bane, united the world… by force… ensuing a new era of unity between all nations. But at what cost?
It is now the year 336-L1, and the world seems out of order. A new myth has grown. The generations of the years before unification have all passed away, but their tales have remained. Many have heard from their grandparents of a time when wine was sweeter and the world was brighter. Plants grew taller, and gems shown like the sun. There were seasons of warm and cold. Disease was not rampant, the wilds didn’t encroach upon civilization, and life was worth the living. And Bane was unheard of.
 This is our world. The dwarves call it Erdenheim. The elves; Territhia. Orcs; Eganhath. Yashchertza; Zemlyasch. Alreshi; Ardasha. But the common term is Htraeus, and it is a sad, grey world.


richardleechilton richardleechilton

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