Htraeus Reborn

Chapter 1: Leaving the Arena Life Behind

On the Wings of the Green Dragon

In the huge arena Oratus Bellum in the Human Capitol City of Ilitasium, Clavius the battle master promised that the next battle would be the best who he’s ever put on; and he warned the combatants that this fight might kill them… and that he wouldn’t mind if it did. The Arena Doors opened, and the team of King Kaizer, Torir the Gravity Dwarf, Terrathiel the Telepath, and Dirty Drow Drissant were welcomed with thunderous applause, cheers, and boos. The entire arena was raving for the coming event. A loud roar was heard from the other side of the arena. The door opened to reveal a young Green Dragon. The Dragon expressed his anger at being forced to fight and kill for other’s amusement, and the team suggested that they not give their oppressors the fight they desire. The Dragon agreed, and Clavius could be seen exploding with anger in the stands. Then the Statue of Bane awoke and warned the team that they wouldn’t get away so easily. It’s head turned towards the Dragon and commanded it to fight; the Dragon attacked without hesitation. The team did their best to not attack the Dragon, instead destroying the statues of Bane and Lilith in hopes that it would break the spell on the dragon. Their attempts were in vain, and they decided it best to attack the beast. At that moment, a thunderous roar was heard in the distant, and soon the huge Mother Dragon swopped over the arena, blasting the stands with acid, thus breaking the concentration of the mages who controlled the arena’s magic barrier, and breaking the speed that was over the young Dragon. They took this moment to simultaneously blast the cause of their years of torment: Clavius. Clavius was obliterated, with nothing but ashes left of his remains. The team then convinced the dragon and it’s mother to help them escape, while also causing as much damage to Ilitasium as possible. And so they escaped the cycle of arena battles that would have one day ended their lives… all for the entertainment of the ravenous followers of Bane.


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