Htraeus Reborn

Chapter 1: Leaving the Arena Life Behind

One More Trip Down Crap Creek...

Our heroes regained all of their old possessions and more from Clavius’ office. As they debated how to get out of the city, they heard another dragon’s scream coming from outside of the arena, and a voice coming over loudspeakers commanding everyone in the city to come to the square outside of the arena to hear from the White Queen Lilith herself. The party wanted nothing to do with all that, so they attempted to go back the way they came, but they ran into two guards, brothers Carol and Carolus. they killed Carol and demanded that Carolus show them a way out of town. Caroljuys, having worked in the sewers before, showed them the sewer path to the crap pond outside of town near the quarantined slums. After sneaking past the slums by pretending to be live action role playing, Carolus introduced them to his friend Orrisian, whose carriage would take them out of town. They bargained with him to take them all the way to the land of the dwarves, for Kaizer knew of a goblin wizard who once told him that all in the world was out of order, and that a mountain in the dwarven country could help in setting things right. The gang went in to a pub to grab some grub while Terrathiel and Orrisian went to gather some things for the long trip. Kaiser, Torir, and Drissant got into a bar fight after being recognized by guards. After killing the guards and setting the entire bar into turmoil (Kaizer also attempted to set it on fire, but Torir put the fire out before they left), they ran out and meet up with Terrathiel and Orrisian, who had just returned from grabbing supplies and convincing Orrisian’s children to not go on the trip with them. Kaizer invited Carolus to join them on their trip, and Borf the bear decided to join them and leave his past behind him. Thus Kaizer, Torir, Terrathiel, Drissant, Carolus, Orrisian, and Borf headed out in a carriage to the north.


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