Htraeus Reborn

Chapter 1: Leaving the Arena Life Behind

A Faceful of Acid.

The Green Dragons dropped the party off at the mouth of their lair, and the mother, Garnreth, demanded that they leave now so that she may tend to her foolish son. Kaizer, however, thought that they were deserving of praise from the Dragon for saving her son. The Mother vehemently expressed that it was not they that saved him, but her efforts and power. Kaizer was unsatisfied and continued to demand praise. he was meet by a powerful blast of scorching green acid that knocked him unconscious and almost killed him. The party then decided it wise to leave as quick as possible. They set up camp out in the cold wilds while attempting to decide what they should do next and where the should go. During the night watch, Drissant noticed a large figure watching them in the distance. When the morning came, the figure appeared to them: it was a large bear man dressed in animal skins named Borf. Borf, whose family had been captured and put into the arena battles, had been watching them to see if they were a danger or not. He healed Kaizer and gave them the first good, free rest they’ve had in years in his homely den. After a couple of days rest, they all decided to travel back to Ilitasium in hopes that they could require their old equipment. They convinced Borf to join them. When they got to the city, they saw that it was in terrible ruin after the dragon’s attack. They went around the side of the city and snuck into the second story of it’s Castle, Castrum Deorum. Inside the castle, they snuck into the basement, killed the forge master, stole some money, armor, and weapons, and went down into a tunnel then ran underneath and far away from the castle. They followed the tunnel along until the reached what they eventually found out to be the very place they had been wanting to go: Orates Bellum. They quickly found the office of Clavius.


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